New York is known to be a base of entertainment. That is why it has very many entertainment spots for people to visit and enjoy themselves. Among all those venues is Westbury Music Fair, an entertainment centre that is known for its fun. You will find this theatre in Westbury New York. Starting with its construction, it has a characteristic round architectural style which is always appealing to many. Also on the list of the surprises here is the capacity of the theatre. It has a mighty comfortable 3000 seats for people to sit as they enjoy the presentations of the top performers in the entertainment industry.

The origin of Westbury Music Fair can be traced back to the mid 1950s. A radio broadcaster by the name Frank Ford after attending a music presentation under a small tent saw the potential to come up with something more accommodating and exquisite for the performances. After pondering over the issue and the level of possibility, he teamed up with a capable television anchor and one owner of a night club, Lee Guber and Shelly Gross. The three embarked on a plan to raise money to lease the venue with big accommodation. Over 100,000 dollars was raised and what followed was the creation of Valley Forge Music Fair. The first season made profits of around half the amount they put into the business.

After the development of this agenda by the pioneers, the next target became the New York potential venue with the abandoned facilities. This was Westbury Music Fair. During this time, the tent that was erected was able to accommodate slightly over 1800 people. However, later developments by Guber and Gross made the theatre most of what it looks like today. They constructed it with a focus of creating room for 3000 attendees. If you wish to attend a state of the art entertainment venue, this should be the right choice for you in New York.

The 3000 seats made in the permanent building are well upholstered to ensure that you sit comfortably to enjoy all the proceedings in the venue. The concrete walls and floors are well carpeted, making the environment in Westbury Music Fair a luxurious place to be. One thing that makes the place to be liked by many people is the comfort they find here. The seats, for instance have the heat and conditioners making them very comfortable for users. Although built a couple of decades ago, the shape of the theatre was borrowed from the original idea of the theatre in the round style when building the current venue.

The most important thing about Westbury Music Fair to most of the people who love being entertained by their top artistes is the way in which the setting allows the attendees to be in close proximity with the performers. Apart from having a close view, you will be able to see the stage as well as hear the proceedings clearly. This is the difference compared to the other places of entertainment in New York City.