The Fab Four – The Ultimate Tribute at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute Tickets

Westbury Music Fair | Westbury, New York

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute

This is the type of event that The Flagstar at Westbury Fair was conceived for! Arguably, the best Beatles tribute band there is, The Fab Four, will be making its way to Westbury, New York, on Thursday, October 17th. This is a part of their USA Meets the Beatles 60th Anniversary Concert Tour. The Fab Four are taking advantage of the date to tour multiple US cities. Fans in attendance are going to get a blast from the past. This band makes a conscious effort to look like the young Beatles in their performances. The music is one that fans of the original group are going to be delighted with.

You want to be very careful with where you sit within The Flagstar at Westbury Fair on Thursday, October 17th. The area behind the band is going to be closed off, but ideally, you’ll want to see the stage front and center. Click the get tickets button to find good seats for this nostalgic event.

It was 1997 when Ron McNeil, who was a John Lennon impersonator, created the group. Through the years, multiple names have stepped in to fill the shoes of each of the 4 Beatles. As things stand, the show is actually played by a rotating cast. What this means is that you can get a different combination of Beatles depending on where you catch The Fab Four throughout their USA Meets the Beatles 60th Anniversary Concert Tour. That shouldn’t be a major concern because the vibe that the band gives off on stage mainly remains the same. At the end of the day, when you look up on stage and see The Fab Four, you want to see John, George, Paul, and Ringo, not any of the musicians who are playing them.

The group has been mastering their craft for almost 30 years now. It’s fitting that they’re going on an anniversary tour, even if that milestone is for the original band. The idea behind The Fab Four was always to emulate a younger version of The Beatles. That’s been harder to do with the impersonators themselves getting longer in the tooth. This has led to more makeup and highly convincing wigs. The reason why these types of shows, though, are great for a venue The Flagstar at Westbury Fair, is because you know it’s a tribute show. Holding it to the standard of the real thing might be a wrong idea. Thursday, October 17th is a perfect night to come out and listen to “Hey Jude,” “The Yellow Submarine,” plus all the Beatles classics and just have a blast.

Keep in mind that the seating options at The Flagstar at Westbury Fair are going to be limited on this night. The area that would be behind the band won’t be open on Thursday, October 17th. That leaves just some key spots in the theater that could be perfect for this night. Ideally, pick something that’s, again, front and center. If you want to have a chance to choose the best seats in the theater, you’ll want to click the get tickets button soon!

The Fab Four - The Ultimate Tribute at Westbury Music Fair

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