Patti LaBelle at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

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NYCB Theatre at Westbury | Westbury, New York

Patti LaBelle

Timeless hits with the legend... Patti LaBelle! The "Godmother of Soul" is heading back on stage in concert at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury on Sunday, November 26th, for a special night that's bound to take you back on her golden journey of hits and soul-stirring music. From her former group's hit single "Lady Marmalade," the iconic R&B queen spawned a slew of hits as a solo star, being the soulful voice behind "You Are My Friend", "If Only You Knew", "Love, Need and Want You", and "Own My Own" with Michael McDonald. Soaring new heights with her powerful vocals, the soulful legend is keeping her timeless masterpieces on the live stage. With over 50 million records sold globally, she's been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Highly regarded as one of the world's greatest singers, it's definitely a night you can't miss.

With over 50 million records sold globally, Patti LaBelle is definitely a living legend, keeping her soaring soulful voice on the live stage. The "Godmother of Soul" is taking her timeless hits and fan favorites back in concert, live at the NYCB Theatre at Westbury on November 26th.

With industry-defining records up her sleeve, the iconic R&B singer and actress bagged nominations and won several accolades including Emmy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Image Awards. She's also been inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grammy Hall of Fame, the Black Music & Entertainment Walk of Fame, and the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame. She's featured in various films and TV shows, including "A Different World", "A Soldier's Story", and "American Horror Story". Conquering the world with her powerful voice, Patti LaBelle is definitely one of the world's most talented artists in history.

Celebrating decades of chart-topping hits and iconic records, the singer is taking it all back to the stage. Every note and lyrical tale exudes her soul - right at her intimate shows. Trust us, it's an experience like no other!

An award-winning singer, entertainer, actress, author, and businesswoman, LaBelle takes into heart the advocacies that she supports. Known for engaging in various humanitarian causes, she's an avid advocate for HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, and other non-profit initiatives. She's highly regarded as one of the greatest gay icons of all time and a significant figure amongst the LGBT community and black female artists.

"When I think about it, the gay fans are some of the reason – one big reason – I'm still standing," LaBelle shared in an interview with Georgia Voice. "''Cause they loved me when other people tried not to. Everybody always says, "What makes gay men like you?" "I have no clue," I say. I still don't. But I know that love has lifted me up for many, many years."

We've got a whole lot of reasons why you gotta love the godmother! Well, here's one - at 78, her voice remains the powerhouse it's always been. In an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, LaBelle shares how her voice preserved its power, "I am so blessed. I don’t do any training. No lessons. No vocal coaching. My voice is just still the way it always was."

At 78, we've got a slayin' queen. As she takes her intimate show to NYCB Theatre at Westbury, you definitely can't miss out on this legendary night. Book your tickets now!

Patti LaBelle at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

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